Box L'Enoteca di Canale

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Architettura del Gusto

MENU 6 People
Ingredients : Maltagliati 120 g, White bean soup 750 g, Salt cod in extra virgin olive oil 270 g, mixed vegetables with ginger 105g , Pinot Nero IGP - Tenuta Mazzolino

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Recipe created by Chef Davide Palluda. After his professional studies at the School of Hoteliers in Barolo, he made training experiences in Italy and abroad.Young but established Chef bases its activities on the ongoing study, on high professionalism and great passion for his land, Roero, the extreme northeastern portion of the Cuneo province, rich in history and culinary culture. Since 1995 he runs the restaurant "Enoteca" attached to the seat of the Regional Channel of the Roero. In 2000 he was awarded a coveted prize: a Michelin star and was elected "Young Chef of the Year" by the Espresso guide. In 2006, with his wife Annalisa, he opened the food laboratory "DP" and in 2013 The Enoteca tavern. He was the architect of the enhancement of the Roero table civilizations.


Architettura del Gusto

Passion, curiosity, creativity are the three key words that led a group of friends to give life to an ambitious project, to make available, at home, a virtual chef, a recipe Starry, of exclusive ingredients, carefully chosen, excellence of Italian culinary tradition.

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White bean soup, codfish, maltagliati and ginger vegetables

Recipe by Davide Palluda


10  min     

Price People €11,48


Additional ingredients to be found:

• Natural water 450 g
• 1 clove garlic
• Chili pepper

Preparation for 6 persons

Drain the cod and set aside the oil; used oil, kept aside to fry gently a clove of garlic and, if you like, a little pepper, add the cream of beans, diluting it with 450 grams of plain water.Bring to a light boil, add the maltagliati and cook for 3 minutes. Turn off the heat and add the salt cod into pieces and vegetables ginger, let stand for 5 minutes. Serve the soup hot or in bowls or directly in the cooking pan.


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